Cowcod Conservation Areas

There are two Cowcod Conservation Areas, or CCAs, off southern California; a Western and an Eastern CCA. The Western and Eastern CCAs are defined by latitude and longitude coordinates at § 660.70

The CCAs are closed to all commercial and recreational fishing for groundfish except: 

  1. commercial and recreational fishing for "other flatfish" is permitted for vessels using specific types of hook and line gear, as specified at §§ 660.230, 660.330 and 660.360
  2.  recreational fishing is permitted shoreward of the 20 fm depth contour for minor nearshore rockfish, cabezon, all greenlings of the genus Hexagrammos, lingcod, and California scorpionfish; and 
  3. commercial fishing for rockfish and lingcod with limited entry fixed gear and open access non-trawl gear is permitted shoreward of the 20 fm depth contour.

Commercial fishing vessels may transit through the Western CCA with their gear stowed and groundfish on board only in a corridor through the Western CCA bounded on the north by the latitude line at 33°00.50' N. lat., and bounded on the south by the latitude line at 32°59.50' N. lat.