Vessel Accounts

Any owner of a vessel wanting to fish in the shorebased Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) program must register for a vessel account with us. A vessel account is registered to a specific vessel and a specific vessel owner in the IFQ fishery. It is an online accounting system that operates much like an online banking account. It allows vessel owners to view current balances of the quota pounds (QP) transferred in and out of the account and caught by the vessel. Vessel accounts must have QPs to cover all IFQ catch, and can receive QPs through transfers from quota share (QS) and/or other vessel accounts. Every IFQ landing will have an electronic fish ticket reflecting the species and amount (in whole pounds) of IFQ fish landed, as well as an independent electronic catch monitor report. A separate report made by the observer will account for discarded catch. The total catch (landings and discards) will be debited against the vessel account. All vessel accounts are held to daily and annual vessel limits.

If a vessel goes fishing and catches more QP than available in the vessel account, the account will go into deficit for species caught in excess. Any vessel with a deficit in its vessel account cannot fish until the deficit is cured, and the deficit must be covered within 30 days. To cure a deficit, the vessel owner must accept a transfer of QP from a QS account or other vessel account.

A public view of vessel account balances is available on the IFQ account login page by clicking on the "Vessel Account Balance" tab. Vessel owners must renew vessel accounts annually through the online vessel account during the renewal period of October 1 and November 30 to access the fishery on January 1 of the following year.

To set up a vessel account, manage an existing account, or login to your IFQ account, follow the links below.

Establish a New Vessel Account

Manage an Existing Vessel Account

IFQ Account Login

List of Current Vessel Accounts