Program Improvement and Enhancement (PIE) 1 Rulemaking and FMP Review

This rulemaking provides revisions to the trawl catch share program, including regulations that affect all commercial sectors (limited entry trawl, limited entry fixed gear, and open access). This rulemaking also includes an FMP amendment to further revise Amendment 21 (Amendment 21–1). Regulatory revisions include, but are not limited to: the Pacific halibut trawl bycatch mortality limit; clarification that Amendment 21 supersedes limited entry/open access allocations for certain groundfish species; revisions to the observer coverage requirement while a vessel is in port and before the offload is complete; revisions to the electronic fish ticket reporting requirements; revisions to the first receiver site license requirement; further clarification on moving between limited entry and open access fisheries; a process for end-of-the-year vessel account reconciliation; and an exemption from processing at sea for qualified participants in the Shorebased IFQ Program.

Compliance Guide: December 2011: Compliance Guide for the Groundfish Trawl Catch Share Program — Changes for 2012 and Beyond (PIE 1 Rule) 260kb

Public Notice: Dec. 1, 2011: Announcing Year-End Information 65kb

Public Notice: Sept. 2, 2011: Announcing Proposed Rule, Open Public Comment Period, and Correction 40kb

Final Rule: Dec. 1, 2011: Federal Register notice 235kb

Proposed Rule: Sept. 2, 2011: Federal Register Notice 249kb

Correction Rule: Aug. 30,2011:  Federal Register Notice 167kb

Notice of Availability for FMP Review of Amendment 21-1: Aug. 15, 2011: Federal Register Notice 175kb