Quota Share Permits & Accounts

A quota share permit authorizes a person or group to own quota share. A quota share (QS) account is an account that contains QS allocations registered to the QS permit for individual fishing quota (IFQ) and individual bycatch quota (IBQ) species.

At the beginning of each calendar year, we issue quota pounds (QPs) to each QS account based on the sector allocation. For quota pounds to cover catch (landings and discards) by a vessel in the shorebased IFQ program, the QS permit owner must transfer QPs from the quota share account to a vessel account. All QPs must be transferred to a vessel account by September 1 each year. Once QPs are transferred out of QS accounts, they cannot be transferred back into QS accounts.

We initially issued 138 quota share permits (and associated QS accounts) based on historical groundfish catch in the trawl fishery. Only these 138 QS owners currently can own QS permits and QS percentages. However, in the future, new applicants may apply for a QS permit/account and purchase QS percentages from existing QS owners.

A public view of QS permit/account owners and balances is available on the IFQ account login page (click on the "Quota Share Account Balance" tab). QS owners must renew QS permits/accounts annually through the online QS account system during the renewal period of October 1 through November 30.