IFQ First Receivers & Catch Monitors

A first receiver is a person or company who receives, purchases, or takes custody, control, or possession of catch onshore from a vessel that harvested fish under the Shorebased Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Program. All buyers must hold a first receiver site license for each physical landing site. Site licenses are effective for one year from the date of issuance. For those first receivers currently holding a site license, you must register prior to the ending date to continue to receive landings from the IFQ program. New first receivers must contact the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission to install the e-fish ticket software. 

Each first receiver taking delivery of IFQ species is required to have a certified catch monitor present for the entire duration of the landing. A catch monitor is someone who is land-based at first receiver facilities and confirms that total landings are accurately sorted, weighed, and recorded on fish tickets. Once verified, catch monitors independently report catch data to the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and NOAA Fisheries catch accounting databases. Catch monitors are available from approved observer providers. Please contact the observer program for a list of current providers.

First Receiver Site License Application

A complete site license application requires:

  1. A complete first receiver site license application form  (Currently unavailable)
  2. A catch monitor plan, see guidelines 137kb and template (MS Word) 33kb
  3. A copy of your current state buyer's license
  4. The application fee - check or money order payable to USDC/NOAA (see application form for fee amount)

Once we receive an application, we will set up a site inspection with the applicant. We'll attempt to schedule a site inspection as quickly as possible. However, because of cost and travel considerations, allow 60 days for us to complete site inspection. After a site inspection, the first receiver typically is required to provide an updated/revised catch monitor plan.

For More Information

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