Final Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Program

NMFS has issued a final rule that makes electronic monitoring (EM) an option for midwater trawl vessels in the Pacific whiting fishery and fixed gear vessels in the individual fishing quota (IFQ) fishery beginning in 2021. The regulations establish standards and requirements for vessel owners and operators using EM, processors receiving catch from EM trips, and EM service providers. Participating vessel operators will self-report discards using logbooks, which will be audited using the EM data, and used to debit discards of IFQ species from a vessel owner’s IFQ account or a cooperative’s allocation. Video data would also be used to monitor compliance with the requirements of the Groundfish Trawl Program.

NMFS will be accepting the first round of applications for EM service providers in June 2020 and for vessel owners in October 2020, and will publish information on how to apply on this website. Vessel owners can continue to participate in the EM Exempted Fishing Permit (EFP) Program until January 2021.

The final rule and accompanying analyses are provided below.