Economic Data Collection

Those participating in the West Coast groundfish trawl catch share program are required to provide economic data. The data includes information related to vessel/plant characteristics, capitalized investments, annual expenses, annual earnings, crew/labor payments, and quota and permit expenses. All information provided is confidential and enables NOAA Fisheries to monitor and evaluate the catch share program.

This requirement applies to all vessel owners, vessel lessees, vessel charterers, first receivers and shorebased processors. The surveys are available each spring and must be received by the Northwest Fisheries Science Center by September 1 each year. The Fisheries Permit Office will not review renewals of trawl-endorsed limited entry permits, quota share permits and accounts, vessel accounts, or registration of first receiver site licenses until any required surveys are complete.

For More Information

Overview of Mandatory Economic Data Collection 507kb

The Northwest Fisheries Science Center oversees the economic data collection program. For additional information please visit the economic data collection program website or contact the program office at 866.791.3726.