Willamette Authorizations for Take

NOAA Fisheries requires a letter authorization for research of listed species. As part of the Willamette Biological Opinion, research on critical uncertainties enables us to address the effects of the Willamette system on listed species in the Willamette Basin. Since this research impacts the fish it is included in the analysis and accounted for in the "Incidental Take Statement."

Projects receiving letters of authorization are required to follow certain handling criteria to minimize take and develop an annual report describing the actual take levels observed.

For a project to be eligible for a letter of authorization, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Research specifically required in the Willamette Biological Opinion; or
  2. Data produced by the research must be adequate to justify the amount of take requested.

It is also recommended that the proposed research be reviewed by the Willamette Action Team for Ecosystem Restoration (WATER) Research Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) Team.

For information, contact the Willamette Take Authorization Coordinator: