Clackamas River Hydroelectric Project

Willamette River Basin; Clackamas River, Clackamas County, Oregon

Project Profile

Prior to relicensing in 2010, this project's works, including, the Oak Grove powerhouse, North Fork Dam and powerhouse, River Mill Dam and powerhouse and Faraday Dam and powerhouse affected stream flow, water quality, habitat, and passage for ESA-listed fish.

Listed Species

Upper Willamette River Chinook

Lower Columbia River Chinook

Lower Columbia River steelhead

Lower Columbia River coho


Portland General Electric

FERC Relicensing Status

PGE, NOAA and many other Parties reached a settlement in 2006. The settlement agreement provided numerous protection, mitigation, and enhancement measures for fisheries and other resources. Fisheries measures include passage, increased flows, habitat enhancements, hatchery funding, monitoring, and improvements, and $7.5 million in funding for anadromous fish projects. The project license expired in 2006 and PGE operated under yearly licenses, until FERC issued a new license in 2010. NOAA Fisheries Biological Opinion September 3, 2010.


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERC eLibrary: Docket #P-2195

NOAA Fisheries Biological Opinion

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