Wallowa Falls Hydroelectric Project

Snake River Basin; East Fork Wallowa River/West Fork Wallowa River/Royal Purple Creek, Wallowa County, Oregon

Project Profile

The existing project consists of a small concrete diversion dam and pipe, at elevation 5,838 feet on Royal Purple Creek, a tributary to the East Fork Wallowa River; a rock-filled timber crib dam, at elevation 5,795 feet on the East Fork Wallowa River; a 0.2-acre forebay and 5,688-foot-long steel penstock; a powerhouse containing a single generating unit with a rated capacity of 1.1 mw; a tailrace discharging project flows into the West Fork Wallowa River; and a 20-foot-long, 7.2-kilovolt (kV) transmission line that connects to the local electric grid. Anadromous fish are blocked from the project area because there is no passage at the Wallowa Lake Dam, which is not related to this project.

Listed Species




FERC Relicensing Status

The current license expires in 2016.


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERC eLibrary: Docket #P-308

No NOAA Fisheries Biological Opinion