Hells Canyon Hydroelectric Project (Brownlee, Oxbow & Hells Canyon Dams)

Snake River Basin; Snake River, Adams County, Idaho, & Wallowa County, Oregon

Project Profile

The three dams of the Hells Canyon Hydroelectric Project block passage and affect streamflows for ESA-listed fish. Studies and ongoing negotiations are examining solutions for restoring habitat, the best means to remediate toxics, possible solutions for attaining temperature standards, and the possibility of outplanting non-listed fish.

Listed Species

Snake River spring/summer Chinook

Snake River fall Chinook

Snake River steelhead


Idaho Power Company

FERC Relicensing Status

The original license expired in 2005. The relicensing process is ongoing as of September 2012.


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERC eLibrary: Docket #P-1971

No NOAA Fisheries Biological Opinion