Makah Bay Offshore Wave Energy Project

Puget Sound; Makah Bay, Clallam County, and Makah Indian Reservation, Washington

Listed Species

Southern Resident killer whales

North Pacific Humpback whale

Eastern Steller sea lion

Puget Sound Chinook

Hood Canal summer-run chum salmon

Puget Sound Steelhead

Southern DPS Green Sturgeon

Puget Sound/Georgia Basin DPS bocaccio

Puget Sound/Georgia Basin DPS Canary rockfish

Puget Sound/Georgia Basin DPS Yelloweye rockfish

Southern DPS Pacific Eulachon


Finavera Renewables

FERC Relicensing Status

FERC granted a license in 2007, but the company filed an application to surrender the license in 2010. This project is canceled.


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERC eLibrary: Docket #P-12751

NOAA Fisheries Biological Opinion