Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project

Bucks, Grizzly, and Milk Ranch creeks, California.

Project Profile & Licensees

FERC Project P-619 is jointly owned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the City of Santa Clara (collectively, as Licensees). This 85 megawatt (MW) Project encompasses Bucks, Grizzly, and Milk Ranch creeks in Plumas County, California, and discharges into the North Fork Feather River (NFFR) near the Rock Creek-Cresta/P-1962 Project. The Bucks Creek Project is not part of PG&E’s “Stairway of Power” FERC Projects (3 “Feather River Projects” along the main stem NFFR), but it is operated in a coordinated fashion. The Bucks Creek/P-619 Projects’ facilities are described below:

Upper Bucks Dam on Bucks Creek creates Upper Bucks Lake and discharges into Lower Bucks Lake, which is formed by Lower Bucks Dam. Three Lakes Dam on Milk Ranch Creek forms Three Lakes Reservoir and the Milk Ranch Creek Conduit delivers water to Lower Bucks Lake. The Grizzly Tunnel delivers water from Lower Bucks Lake to Grizzly Powerhouse (20 MW) and this powerhouse discharges into the Grizzly Forebay, formed by Grizzly Forebay Dam. Grizzly Forebay Tunnel delivers water to the Bucks Creek Powerhouse (65 MW), which discharges into the NFFR about a mile upstream of the Rock Creek Powerhouse of the P-1962 Project.

Federally Threatened - Listed Species/ Species of Concern

Currently, there are no anadromous fish in the NFFR Basin (upstream of OrovilleDam/P-2100). The Bucks Creek Project is not party to the “Habitat Expansion Agreement” process developed for the Oroville/P-2100 Project and PG&E’s 3 “Stairway of Power”/”Feather River Projects” (See P-1962, P-2105, and P-2107).

FERC Relicensing Status

Integrated Licensing Process (ILP): Applicants filed a NOI/PAD for relicensing in November 2013 (existing license to expire by 2018). FERC Noticed NOI/PAD and Issued Scoping Document 1 in January 2014. FERC extended the comments and interventions due date on PAD and Proposed Studies to April 2014. The ILP process continues.


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC eLibrary: Docket P-619.