Opal Springs Hydroelectric Project

Columbia River Basin; Crooked River, Jefferson County, Oregon

Project Profile

The Opal Springs Hydroelectric Project blocks passage for unlisted spring Chinook salmon and ESA-listed steelhead. The six-megawatt project is located in the Crooked River Gorge about one-half mile above Lake Billy Chinook. Most of the Crooked River flow is diverted through its powerhouse.

Listed Species

Middle Columbia River steelhead


Deschutes Valley Water District

FERC Relicensing Status

FERC issued a license in 1982.  The parties agreed to a settlement in 2011. It amends the project’s license for construction of a fish ladder that will provide both reintroduced anadromous fish and resident fish access to habitat in the Crooked River and its tributaries.


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERC eLibrary: Docket #P-5891