Reservoir Operations

Some FCRPS reservoirs are used to manage flow and water temperature to benefit migrating juvenile salmon. These include:

Seasonal Use

There are two management seasons for the use of this water: Spring (April - June 22) and Summer (June 23 - August 31). Reservoirs are managed to be as full as possible going into the spring season, while maintaining flood control objectives. This is accomplished by having the reservoirs as full as flood control allows by April 10. The concept is to pass the spring freshet downriver to aid salmon migration rather than filling empty reservoir space (passing it rather than keeping it). The summer season is managed by assuring reservoirs are full going into the summer, and then drafting (taking water out) them within specified limits before the end of the season.

Summer Flow Management Volumes

Storage ReservoirDraft Limit from Full (feet)Draft Volume (kaf)
Hungry Horse10246
Grand Coulee10789
Banks Lake5130
Upper Snake 487
Canadian water 1,000 - 2,000
Total 4,307 - 5,307


Annual Water Management Plan Link to a non-government website