Harvest Measures

The states and tribes agreed to a plan under US v. Oregon that manages treaty and non-treaty salmon harvests in the Columbia River through 2018. The harvest plan provides opportunities for the tribes to fish, consistent with their treaty rights, and non-treaty fishermen with a fair allocation that is consistent with the requirements of the Endangered Species Act. The plan allows harvest to vary depending on the abundance of salmon - harvest is reduced when runs are down and the conservation need is greatest, but may increase when runs are strong. The underlying analysis of FCRPS Biological Opinion reflects the US V. Oregon Agreement.

The FCRPS Action Agencies have limited authority regarding harvest, but a few harvest-related actions are included that will directly or indirectly reduce take of ESA-listed species in the near term and advance harvest reforms for application over the long term.

For more information on how the FCRPS agencies are implementing these actions, visit http://www.salmonrecovery.gov/