Volunteering and Citizen Science Opportunities

It takes all kinds of stakeholders—from land management agencies, local governments, and individual citizens—to protect and restore our parks, waterways, and coastlines. By volunteering and conducting citizen science, you can preserve critical habitat, help scientists gather valuable data, and work towards a more sustainable future. Contact our education and outreach team to learn more about opportunities in your community.

Volunteering Opportunities

Cleaning up beaches, tagging fish, and restoring riparian habitat are just a few ways that volunteers help ensure our parks, waterways, and coastlines remain viable for future generations.

Volunteering not only beneficial for communities and the environment, but it also greatly beneficial for volunteers. Volunteering can be a great way to develop new skills, explore career options, make friends, create professional contacts, get exercise, and spend time outdoors.

Photo credit: National Sea Grant College Program

Citizen Science

Observing wildlife, recording rainfall data, and collecting air quality samples are just a few things citizen scientists do. Becoming a citizen scientist does not require any previous scientific training or background—just curiosity and a willingness to carry out relatively simple tasks. Participating is easy and can be as simple as using a cellphone to collect observations and submit results.

Both volunteers and researchers can benefit from citizen science programs. Taking part in citizen science can help community members learn more about scientific processes, become more engaged in local issues, and better understand policy decisions. The statistical power provided by large amounts of citizen science data helps researchers gain valuable insights into scientific questions. Together, scientists and community members are collecting data and making observations that help us better understand our planet.

Learn about NOAA’s citizen science efforts around the country.

Photo credit: National Sea Grant College Program