2015 Science in the Studio Winners

The 2015 Science in the Studio award centered on water quality and the impact of pharmaceuticals and toxic runoff in our watersheds and landscapes. Prizes were awarded in four categories: animation, illustration, mural, and poster. Take action—learn how you can keep toxic runoff out of our waterways.

Watershed Toxin Animation

Beryl Allee developed three animations to convey how human activities impact the health of local watersheds and actions people can take to keep toxins out of local waterways. Beryl worked with Grace Murphy to create the #CitizenOfYourWatershed social media campaign using animation and illustration to convey the importance of human actions on the health of watersheds.

About the Artist

Beryl Allee understands that animation has a unique ability to communicate with the world. Beryl is interested in investigating ways to effectively appeal to a wide range of audiences through the moving image, and uses art to reach out to the world. Beryl's animation crosses into the disciplines of illustration and painting, and most recently she has developed digital 2D animated short films. Learn more


The Illustrations

Watershed Toxin Illustrations

Grace Murphy utilized scientific and creative research to produce three illustrations depicting toxics produced in urban landscapes. Each illustration speaks to one of several themes, including roads and homes. The campaign depicts particular environments, the source of toxics, the impacts on the watershed, and simple behavioral adjustments people can make to limit the effects.

About the Artist

Grace Murphy is an illustrator working in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in digital illustration and is currently studying animation design with the intention of transitioning into the animation industry following her time at the Pacific Northwest College of Arts. Learn more

Watershed Toxin Mural

Esteban Camacho Steffensen created an artistic and educational design for a large mural that focuses on protecting watersheds from toxic runoff. As you look at the mural, the images inside the Chinook salmon represent interwoven habitats and the many human activities that bring toxins into our waterways.

About the Artist

Esteban is a muralist with commissioned artwork in Costa Rica, Spain, and the United States. His subject matter is environmentally focused, bridging biology, education, and fine art. Most of his artwork has been produced in public spaces, such as universities and city institutions, where he works with community leaders during the design process and involves local youth and students in the painting and production. Learn more

Watershed Toxin Poster

Stephanie J. Fogel designed a poster campaign that centers on clean watersheds, highlighting the presence of pharmaceuticals in our natural water sources and the subsequent effects on salmon and aquatic resources.

About the Artist

Stephanie J. Fogel is an interdisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work is driven heavily by research, resulting in images that revolve around political critique and environmental activism. Through her images, Stephanie seeks to promote community awareness and environmental responsibility. Learn more

Take Action

Storm drain

Photo credit: charmcity123, (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Take Action

Learn how you can keep toxins out of your local watersheds. Make a bigger impact by involving your school and local community groups.