Columbia Basin Partnership Workshop #2 May 4, 2016


Salmon 101 - Kurt Fresh, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Current Status of Listed ESUs - Tom Cooney, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Threats Facing ESA-listed Salmon & Steelhead in the Columbia Basin - Scott Rumsey, NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region

Columbia River Salmon & Steelhead Abundance Trends Including Non-listed Populations - Guy Norman, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

The Estuary, Ocean & Salmon - Kurt Fresh, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Avian Predation - Mike Langeslay, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Northern Pikeminnow Management Program - Dave Roberts, Bonneville Power Administration

Adult Spring-Summer Chinook Salmon Estuarine & Lower Columbia River Survival & Run Timing - Michelle Rub, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

A Habitat Assessment Approach for Restoration Planning - Rich Zabel, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, and others