Delta Operations for Salmonids and Sturgeon

Delta Operations for Salmonids and Sturgeon (DOSS) is a technical advisory team that will provide recommendations to WOMT and NMFS on measures to reduce adverse effects of Delta operations of the CVP and SWP to salmonids and green sturgeon and will coordinate the work of the other technical teams.

The DOSS group will be comprised of biologists, hydrologists, and other staff with relevant expertise from Reclamation, DWR, CDFG, USFWS, and NMFS. Invitations to EPA, USGS, and Regional Water Quality Board biologists will be extended to provide expertise on issues pertinent to Delta water quality, hydrology and environmental parameters. By October 1, 2009, Reclamation shall, jointly with NMFS, convene the DOSS working group. The working group will have biweekly phone conferences, or more frequently if necessary for real-time operations, and meet at least quarterly to discuss and review information related to project operations and fisheries issues. Either Reclamation or NMFS may call for a special meeting of the DOSS group if they deem it necessary.

The team will:

  1. provide recommendations for real-time management of operations to WOMT and NMFS, consistent with implementation procedures provided in this RPA;
  2. review annually project operations in the Delta and the collected data from the different ongoing monitoring programs;
  3. track the implementation of Actions IV.1 through IV.4;
  4. evaluate the effectiveness of Actions IV.1 through IV.4 in reducing mortality or impairment of essential behaviors of listed species in the Delta;
  5. oversee implementation of the acoustic tag experiment for San Joaquin fish provided for in Action IV.2.2;
  6. coordinate with the SWG to maximize benefits to all listed species; and
  7. coordinate with the other technical teams identified in this RPA to ensure consistent implementation of the RPA.

The DOSS team shall provide annual written reports to Reclamation, DWR, and NMFS, including a summary of major actions taken during the year to implement Action Suite IV of this RPA, an evaluation of their effectiveness, and recommendations for future actions. At the technical staff level, the working group will coordinate with the DAT, the SWG, and other workgroups to ensure coherent and consistent implementation of actions in the Delta. Every five years, the DOSS working group will produce a summary report of the previous five years of operations, actions taken, and the effectiveness of those actions in achieving the objectives of the Delta actions in this RPA. Included in this report will be recommendations for adaptive management changes consistent with the objectives of this RPA. The report will be provided to NMFS, Reclamation, DWR, CDFG and USFWS.

The DOSS group shall also provide a coordinating function for the other technical working groups, to assure that relevant information from all technical groups is considered in actions to implement this RPA.


      Annual Reports 

            Annual Report - 2018  

   Annual Report (Appendix B) - 2016

            Annual Report - 2016

             Annual Report - 2015

             Annual Report - 2014

             Annual Report - 2013

             Annual Report - 2012

             Annual Report - 2011

             Annual Report - 2010



 Member Agencies

  • California Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • California Department of Water Resources
  • NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service
  • State Water Resources Control Board
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service