CA WaterFix Aquatic Science Peer Review 2B Materials


California WaterFix Aquatic Science Peer Review Phase 2B Review page


Materials for CA WaterFix Aquatic Science Peer Review Phase 2B

Review Materials

  1. NMFS Draft Biological Opinion (Selected sections from Ch.1 and Ch.2)
  2. USFWS Draft Biological Opinion
    • Delta Smelt and its Critical Habitat Analyses
      • Analytical Framework for the Jeopardy Determination (pg. 39)
      • Analytical Framework for the Adverse Modification Determination (pg. 100)
      • Status of the Species and its Critical Habitat/Environmental Baseline (pg. 110)
      • Effects to Delta Smelt from the Proposed Action (pg. 178)
      • Project-level Reinitiation Triggers and Programmatic Approach with Subsequent Consultation (pg. 282)
  3. Proposed Approach to Establishing Longfin Smelt Outflow Criteria

Supplemental Materials:

  1. CA WaterFix Biological Assessment
  2. FWS Draft Biological Opinion
    • Description of the Proposed Action (pg. 1)
    • Description of the Action Area (pg. 97)
  3. NMFS Draft Biological Opinion
  4. NMFS Central Valley Chinook Salmon Life-Cycle Model Documentation
  5. Perry et al. CWF Fish routing report July 5, 2016
  6. Perry et al. TAFS 2015
  7. Summary of methods for Cal WaterFix survival analysis December 21, 2016
  8. Summary of Differences Between the California WaterFix Biological Assessment and the Partial Draft Biological Opinions and Possible Resolutions

Supplemental Materials Requested by the Panel: