Oregon & Washington Coastal Office

Oregon Washington map

The Oregon and Washington Coastal Offices are located in Portland and Seattle, with satellite teams in Lacey, Washington and Roseburg, Oregon. Our responsibilities focus on protecting species and their habitats along Washington and Oregon coasts, including Puget Sound and the lower Columbia and Willamette rivers. We work to protect species listed under the Endangered Species Act by evaluating the impacts of proposed federal actions, developing and implementing recovery plans, seeking conservation partnerships with local governments and landowners, and ensuring safe fish passage through federal and some private dams, and designating critical habitat.

Assistant Regional Administrator

The Oregon & Washington Coastal Office is led by Kim Kratz, Assistant Regional Administrator
Phone: 503.231.2155
Email: Kim.Kratz@noaa.gov

North Puget Sound Branch

The North Puget Sound Branch is led by Elizabeth Babcock
Phone: 206.526.4505
Email: Elizabeth.Babcock@noaa.gov

Central Puget Sound Branch

The Central Puget Sound Branch is led by Jennifer Quan
Email: Jennifer.Quan@noaa.gov

Washington Coast & Lower Columbia Branch

The Washington Coast & Lower Columbia Branch is led by Bonnie Shorin (acting)
Phone: 360.753.9578
Email: Bonnie.Shorin@noaa.gov

Oregon Coast Branch

The Oregon Coast Branch is led by Ken Phippen
Phone: 541.957.3385
Email: Ken.Phippen@noaa.gov

Willamette Branch

The Willamette Branch is led by Marc Liverman
Phone: 503.231.2336
Email: Marc.Liverman@noaa.gov

Environmental Services Branch

The Environmental Services Branch is led by Keith Kirkendall
Phone:  503-230-5431
Email:  Keith.Kirkendall@noaa.gov