Sustainable Fisheries Division

The Sustainable Fisheries Division oversees the conservation of marine resources and the management of sustainable commercial, recreational, and tribal fisheries on the West Coast, extending from the vast interior salmon habitat of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California to the high seas of the Pacific Ocean. We collaborate extensively with the Pacific Fisheries Management Council, Native American Indian tribes, and the four states within the region in our management of albacore, coastal pelagic species, groundfish, salmon, and other marine resources. We also participate in the implementation of numerous international treaties and other agreements designed to conserve while sustaining fisheries for highly migratory fish, particularly tuna, whiting, halibut, and salmon, and protect marine mammals of mutual interest to nations of the Pacific. Responsibilities include implementation of Native American Tribal treaty fishing rights in the Northwest and harmonizing these requirements within our review of salmon harvest and hatchery operations to ensure consistency with the requirements of the Endangered Species Act.

Assistant Regional Administrator

The Sustainable Fisheries Division is led by Ryan Wulff, Assistant Regional Administrator
Phone: 916.930.3733

Operations & Policy Branch

The Operations & Policy Branch is led by Kelly Ames
Phone: 503.230.5427

Highly Migratory Species Branch

The Highly Migratory Species Branch is led by Rachael Wadsworth
Phone: 562.980.4036

Groundfish & Coastal Pelagic Species Branch

The Groundfish & Coastal Pelagic Species Branch is led by Aja Szumylo
Phone: 206.526.4746

The Groundfish & Coastal Pelagic Species Senior Policy Advisor is Frank Lockhart
Phone: 206.526.6142

Permits & Monitoring Branch

The Permits & Monitoring Branch is led by Melissa Hooper
Phone: 206.526.4357

Anadromous Production & Inland Fisheries Branch

The Anadromous Production & Inland Fisheries Branch is led by Allyson Purcell
Phone: 503.736-4736

Anadromous Harvest Management Branch

The Anadromous Harvest Management Branch is led by Susan Bishop
Phone: 206.526.4587