Operations, Management & Information Division

The Operations, Management and Information Division provides support for strategic and annual operations planning; budget formulation and execution; human resources management; administrative processes, management information, information technology, e-mail and telecommunications systems; environmental compliance, safety and facilities management. Other functions include procurement, publication services, travel, grants, and all other administrative services in support of region office employees.

Assistant Regional Administrator

The OMI Division is led by Stephanie Coleman (Acting)
Phone: 503.231.2337
Email: Stephanie.Coleman@noaa.gov

The Division Manager and ISM Branch Chief is Eric Chavez (Acting)
Phone: 562.980.4064
Email: Eric.Chavez@noaa.gov

Budget, Planning, & Execution Branch

The Budget, Planning, & Execution Branch is led by Bill Levitch (Acting)
Phone: 206.526.6144
Email: William.Levitch@noaa.gov

Administrative & Operations Branch

The Administrative & Operations Branch is led by Patrick Garber
Phone: 562.980.4028
Email: Patrick.Garber@noaa.gov

Information Systems & Technology Branch

The Information Systems & Technology Branch is led by Mike McCully
Phone: 206.518.2347
Email: Mike.McCully@noaa.gov