California Coastal Office

Map of California

The California Coastal Office includes three offices located in Arcata, Santa Rosa, and Long Beach. Our responsibilities focus on protecting species and their habitats along the California coastline and its associated watersheds, including the entire Klamath River Basin. We work to protect species listed under Endangered Species Act by evaluating the impacts of proposed federal actions, developing and implementing recovery plans, ensuring safe fish passage through federal and some private dams and seeking conservation partnerships with local governments and landowners. Using local, on-the-ground knowledge, our priorities focus on land use practices and other threats that limit particular recovery and restoration activities. We work with local communities and a diverse group of stakeholders to ensure that mutually beneficial conservation strategies are realized.

Assistant Regional Administrator

The California Coastal Office is led by Lisa Van Atta, Assistant Regional Administrator
Phone: 707.575.6058

Operations & Policy Branch

The Operations & Policy Branch is led by Korie Schaeffer

Southern California Branch

The Southern California Branch is led by Anthony Spina
Phone: 562.980.4045

Central Coast Office, Santa Rosa

The Central Coast Branch is led by Mandy Morrison
Phone: 707.575.6083

The San Francisco Bay Branch is led by Gary Stern
Phone: 707.575.6060

The North Coast Branch is led by Bob Coey
Phone: 707.575.6090

The Environmental Services Branch is led by Rick Wantuck
Phone: 707.575.6063

Northern California Office, Arcata 

The South Coast Branch is led by Jeffrey Jahn
Phone: 707.825.5173

The North Coast Branch is led by Justin Ly
Phone: 707.825.5154

The Klamath Branch is led by Jim Simondet
Phone: 707.825.5171