Harvest NEPA Documents

11/07/2017 Final Environmental Impact Statement for US v. Oregon November 2017
06/14/2017 Draft Environmental Impact Statement for US .v OR 6.14.2017.pdf
04/26/2017 Environmental Assessment for 2017 ocean salmon fishery regulations
02/24/2017 Colville Tribal Plan (Okanogan River) final EA/FONSI
01/16/2015 80FR2414: Notice of Availability of a Final Environmental Impact Statement for 2015-2016 Pacific coast groundfish harvest specifications and management measures and Amendment 24
05/01/2014 2014 Ocean Salmon Fisheries Management Measures
09/26/2012 Sandy River HGMPs EA
12/01/2011 Final Environmental Assessment and Initial Regulatory Impact Review for Pacific Coast Salmon Plan Amendment 16
03/11/2005 Puget Sound Chinook Harvest EIS
10/01/2004 Appendix C -Comprehensive Collaborative Alternative: Protecting EFH in the Pacific While Maintaining Fisheries