Non-listed Pacific Salmon & Steelhead Populations

There are 24 species of salmon and steelhead that are not listed under the Endangered Species Act because they return in healthy numbers. They are:

Chinook Salmon

  • Upper Klamath-Trinity Rivers
  • Oregon Coast
  • Washington Coast
  • Middle Columbia River spring-run
  • Upper Columbia River summer/fall-run
  • Southern Oregon and Northern California Coast
  • Deschutes River summer/fall-run
  • Central Valley Fall and Late Fall-run Chinook Salmon

Chum Salmon

Coho Salmon

  • Southwest Washington
  • Olympic Peninsula
  • Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia Coho Salmon

Pink Salmon

  • Even-year
  • Odd-year

Sockeye Salmon

  • Baker River
  • Okanogan River
  • Lake Wenatchee
  • Quinalt Lake
  • Lake Pleasant


  • Southwest Washington
  • Olympic Peninsula
  • Klamath Mountains Province
  • Oregon Coast Steelhead