Species Boundaries


Salmon & Steelhead

ESA Listings of West Coast Salmon & Steelhead

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The maps and datasets linked below were updated in January 2013 to make use of newer watershed boundaries that better depict the freshwater range of Pacific salmon and steelhead under NOAA Fisheries' jurisdiction. They are provided for general reference only and do not constitute a legal description of any species listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.
West Coast ESU/DPS Boundaries Map Coming Soon Geodatabase 45.4mb  
Chinook Salmon
Chinook, California Coastal Map747kb Shapefiles 16mb
Chinook, Central Valley Fall and Late Fall-run Map 1,101kb
Chinook, Central Valley Spring-run Map1,061kb
Chinook, Deschutes River summer/fall-run Map 591kb
Chinook, Lower Columbia River Map 881kb
Chinook, Middle Columbia River spring-run Map 965kb
Chinook, Oregon Coast Map 713kb
Chinook, Puget Sound Map 985kb
Chinook, Sacramento River Winter-run Map 1,126kb
Chinook, Snake River Fall-run Map 864kb
Chinook, Snake River Spring/Summer-run Map 1,012kb
Chinook, Southern Oregon and Northern California Coast Map 699kb
Chinook, Upper Columbia River Spring-run Map 810kb
Chinook, Upper Columbia River summer/fall-run Map 912kb
Chinook, Upper Klamath-Trinity Rivers Map 747kb
Chinook, Upper Willamette River Map 763kb
Chinook, Washington Coast Map 817kb
Chum Salmon
Chum, Columbia River Map 778kb Shapefiles 4.7mb
Chum, Hood Canal Summer-run Map 845kb
Chum, Pacific Coast Map 823kb
Chum, Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia Map 1,165kb
Coho Salmon
Coho, Central California Coast Map 997kb Shapefiles 4.9mb
Coho, Lower Columbia River Map 821kb
Coho, Olympic Peninsula Map 481kb
Coho, Oregon Coast Map 673kb
Coho, Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia Map 1,130kb
Coho, Southern Oregon/Northern California Map 750kb
Coho, Southwest Washington Map 754kb
Pink Salmon
Pink, Even-year Map 609kb Shapefiles 2mb
Pink, Odd-year Map 1,110kb
Sockeye Salmon
Sockeye, Baker River Map 350kb Shapefiles 714kb
Sockeye, Lake Pleasant Map 272kb
Sockeye, Lake Wenatchee Map 367kb
Sockeye, Okanogan River Map 351kb
Sockeye, Ozette Lake Map 390kb
Sockeye, Quinault Lake Map 369kb
Sockeye, Snake River Map585kb
Steelhead, California Central Valley Map 1,178kb Shapefiles 13.2mb
Steelhead, Central California Coast Map 1,016kb
Steelhead, Klamath Mountains Province Map 815kb
Steelhead, Lower Columbia River Map807kb
Steelhead, Middle Columbia River Map 967kb
Steelhead, Northern California Map 717kb
Steelhead, Olympic Peninsula Map 624kb
Steelhead, Oregon Coast Map 684kb
Steelhead, Puget Sound Map 1,284kb
Steelhead, Snake River Basin Map 875kb
Steelhead, South Central California Coast Map 772kb
Steelhead, Southern California Map 775kb
Steelhead, Southwest Washington Map 716kb
Steelhead, Upper Columbia River Map 887kb
Steelhead, Upper Willamette River Map 744kb

Other Marine Fishes

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Marine Mammals

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Marine Turtles

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