United States - Canada Albacore Treaty

The treaty between the governments of Canada and the United States on Pacific Albacore Tuna Vessels and Port Privileges was signed in 1981. The agreement was amended in 2002 and codified by law in April 2004. It allows U.S. vessels to fish for albacore tuna in Canadian waters seaward of 12 miles from shore, and Canadian vessels to fish for albacore tuna in U.S. waters seaward of 12 miles from shore. The treaty also allows Canadian vessels to use certain U.S. ports to obtain supplies and services and to land fish; similarly, it allows U.S. vessels to use certain Canadian ports for the same purposes. In addition, the treaty calls for the exchange of fisheries data between the two governments.

U.S. vessels wishing to fish in Canadian waters pursuant to the treaty must register with NOAA Fisheries seven days prior to the first planned day in Canada. You can register by contacting NOAA Fisheries at: albacore.fish@noaa.gov or 562-980-4238. Additional requirements and instructions can be found in the Compliance Guide below.


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