• Starving sea lion pups wash up on the beaches of Southern California while adult male sea lions crowd into the coastal communities of the North. How does this happen in the same population? Read More . . .

  • Conservationist Ken Nielson remembers when abalone numbers were so large he could catch his limit with one breath. Ken hopes his great grandchildren will be able to dive for abalone someday. Read More . . .

  • A collaborative research study incorporates the knowledge of recreational anglers into recovery planning for three rockfish species in Puget Sound. Read More . . .

  • Scientists who have spent much of their careers in deep-sea submersibles observing coral and sponges are sharing their experiences and expertise through innovative online seminars. Read More . . .

  • Sardines are known for wide population swings. Scientists are working to understand the variability and a decline which led to the recent West Coast suspension of commercial sardine fishing. Read More . . .

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Puget Sound

Puget Sound

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