• Spring-run Chinook salmon may once again return to their historical habitat high in the Sierra Nevadas. Read More . . .

  • Dedicated scientists and volunteers are on a mission to better understand the now rare abalone species. They're diving deeper to recover the listed populations. Read More . . .

  • NOAA Fisheries identifies opah, or moonfish, as the first fully warm-blooded fish that circulates heated blood throughout its body, giving it a competitive advantage in the cold ocean depths. Read More . . .

  • The 2015 Presidential Migratory Bird Stewardship Award goes to NOAA and partners for developing a device to prevent migratory seabird mortality in the West Coast Groundfish longline fishery. Read More . . .

  • NOAA, FEMA, and others are working to reduce flood risk, increase resiliency of the ecosystem, and restore salmon habitat in Tillamook Bay by coordinating and aligning their investments. Read More . . .

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Puget Sound

Puget Sound

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Columbia & Snake

Columbia & Snake Basins

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Willamette River Basin

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Klamath River Basin

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Central Valley

Central Valley Projects

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